Testimonials from the Exec Cohort

Daniel Pardes, VP of Product, Meetup

“It's not often that you get to work through an acquisition, huge market shift, or other large, impactful moments as a CPO; so it's hard to practice and get better at working through them. Case Camp has allowed me to practice skills and thought processes that are exercised rarely. Giff has curated the cases and the cohort to create a relaxed, respectful, and productive environment. I gain insight from my peers, ‘try on’ experiences that I have not had a chance to live through, and gain confidence in my professional abilities. All of this while building my network. Case Camp is awesome.”

Carolina Paula, Head of Design, Teachable

“Giff’s Case Camp has been one of the highlights of my week. Being able to discuss business scenarios with a variety of voices has required me to challenge my own lens and push my way of thinking. It’s refreshing to be surrounded by such smart individuals who all come together with different perspectives to problem solve and analyze together. It’s been humbling, unique, and inspiring!”

Brian Orloff, Head of Product, Penguin Random House

“Case Camp is a bright spot in my week. I signed up because I was looking for inspiration outside of work – and for opportunities to learn from directly peers and other talented product leaders in different industries. I’ve been impressed with the contributions from the talented cohort that Giff has assembled. I have already benefited from listening to their unique and insightful perspectives into our cases. It’s also been a pleasure to learn from Giff as well. He brings focus and such skill at designing our discussions to draw out sharp insights and reflections from all of us while we tackle ambiguous problems that are rooted in business and product strategy, as well as org design and much more.”



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Testimonials from the Director/Senior Cohort

Federico Casabianca, Product Manager, Nexthink

“Before Case Camp, most of the product training and courses I've attended were laser-focused on one particular topic at a time and targeted either tactical or strategic topics, never both.

Case Camp provides a nice way of practicing first principles thinking while engaging in real situations any person could face as a product leader. Having the chance to delve deep into the cases presented by Giff, was very helpful for me, since I had to approach the challenge from the product leader's perspective. The cases are structured to provide information progressively while listening carefully the rest of the crew's opinions forces you to rethinking your decisions. This is a critical aspect that replicates how the product leader's job in real life is. Furthermore you have the chance to analyze and cover a wide variety of topics that encompass the product, the organization and the people you interact with.

I would strongly recommend Case Camp if you want to enhance your product thinking and grow as a product leader.”

Cindy Liang, Senior PM, Kitewheel

“Before Case Camp, conversations with my VP of Product were always pretty one-sided. It usually would be him educating me on strategic approaches. Since Case Camp, these conversations have been much more productive, back and forth, brainstorming type sessions. Case Camp has sharpened my critical thinking skills and shaped my thinking as a product lead.

This has been a great resource and I would strongly recommend it if you want to challenge yourself and grow as a product leader.”

Simon Riker, Director of Product Management, Axial

“Case Camp has been a great opportunity to learn from Giff, expand my network, and gain perspective from other product leaders around my level of experience.

The cases are a nice mix of scenarios directly applicable to my current role as well as situations I might come across later on in my career, both of which have allowed me to stretch myself & improve as a product leader.”

Jeff Harris, Senior Product Manager, Yotascale

“As the only Product Manager at a SaaS startup, I've found it challenging to network and share ideas with other like minded PMs. I also have struggled to find strong Product mentorship and get exposed to problems that can only be found at larger/growing companies and at higher levels on the Product career ladder that you can't get exposed to by just networking with other Product groups. Giff's Case Camp has been an outlet where I can get exposed to challenges that Product leaders face and start to exercise my strategic thinking. It's been a great resource and I recommend it to anyone who is looking to get exposure to tough problems and other ambitious Product people.”